Consignment suitcase

I am Dr Clifford Williams, I was in my office 🏢 this morning then I received an email 📤 from a military General who selves in the military army. The email 📤 talks about consignment suitcase and he’s seeking for urgent help but due to my work I cannot accept his offer so I decided to post 📬 it here incase if there’s anyone willing to help him. He promise to give out 40% to whomever that help him while 60% will go for investment on his behalf before returning from the war zone. This was the email 📤 I received, please read carefully and contact the military general if you are interested to help him, I will post 📬 his email 📤 address too, we all know that the work of an army is very dangerous. As you read the email 📤 from the military general, please share to other’s and contact him for more information ℹ️

Good day Dr Clifford, i am General Johnson Connor millitary army Commander. Please Dr i need an urgent assistance. As you know we are being attacked by insurgents’ every day and Car bombs I and my crew members discovered some huge amount of money and share it among ourselves and I benefited the sum of Four Million United States dollars and one hundren fifteen kilograms of gold dust. (4 million dollars and 150 kilograms of gold dust) in Syria, where I am currently on a peacekeeping mission. I quickly transported it out of the war zone claiming is my personal belonging and ordered that a diplomat should take it away. Unfortunately, some of my crew members have lost their lives to the wicked Syrian insurgents and I am recovering from an arm injury. Also very soon all the troops may be withdrawn from Syria, I am searching for a reliable and trustworthy individual that I can confide in to take delivery of these funds and gold dust and invest it on properties without any further delay, I will be entitled to 60% while you will get 40%



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